• Input data for prices of sandwiches
  • Add data for numbers sold per day
  • Use formulas to calculate income from sandwiches
  • Input cost prices for each ingredient
  • Use formulas to construct recipes
    A submarine sandwich
  • Total recipes using a sum formula
  • Calculate profit per item
  • Calculate profit per item per day based on a formula using the number sold
  • Draw graphs (chart and pie) to show the most profitable based on cost and based on number sold.


A Sandwich Bar

This word document will give the instructions of how to begin to lay out your spreadsheet.

You should now have worked out how much income the sandwich bar has. We now need to work out how much each of the items on the menu costs to make.

This word document will tell you how much everything costs.

A Sandwich Bar - costs

We should lay this out on our spreadsheet so that we can make use of this information.

Finally we need to include total columns which tell use how much profit is made per item. The profit is the selling price minus the cost per item. We also need to total profit by item for the number sold. This would be the total amount of money made per item minus the total costs per item


You should now draw a graph of your results. We can present the results in two ways

Menu Item against profit per item


Menu item against total profit of all sold


You will be graded against these criteria

  1. Have you used the correct formulae to calculate the values you need
  2. Is the spreadsheet laid out neatly
  3. Is all the data you have been given used
  4. Have you used formatting to highlight the important cells, like profit, income.
  5. Are the graphs in the correct format (column graph) and are the parts of the graph labelled (axes, units etc)