1. You need to design 5 or 6 different logos for your band
  2. You need to choose one of these to be the official logo of your band
  3. You need to write a document why you chose this one rather than the others

Look at some of these logos

Criteria for a good logo:
A good logo will:
Look good in a variety of contexts e.g. big or small, on a printed page, an advertisement, on a screen or on a billboard
Have clear outlines
Convey an instant message
Be memorable
Be clearly identifiable in black and white as well as in colour
Be easy to produce using ICT software


  1. A logo is created
  2. The logo is suitable. (scalable, not pixelated, good contrast)
  3. The logo is related to the band name, either including the band name or a word play on the band theme.
  4. A decision was made for this logo
  5. 4 or more logos created that are totally different, not variations of the same theme.
  6. The decision is described in a document.
  7. The decision document is formatted correctly and includes each logo.

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