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Subject Guide for exams 2016
Subject Guide
Data Book
EE guide from 2013
EE guide from 2009

Interactive periodic table



Topic 1 Stoichiometric relationships
Topics 2 and 12 Atomic Structure
Topics 3 and 13 Periodicity
Topics 4 and 14 Bonding
Topics 5 and 15 Energetics
Topics 6 and 16 Kinetics
Topics 7 and 17 Equilibrium
Topics 8 and 18 Acids and Bases
Topics 9 and 19 Redox
Topics 10 and 20 Organic Chemistry
Topic 11 Data Processing

Optional units

Topic A Materials
Topic B Biochemistry
Topic C Energy
Topic D Medicinal chemistry

Practical work

Internal Assessment
My IA grade sheet


I found a list of good books, added some to it and published it as an chemistry reading list. There is also the environmental reading list I created some time ago.


Links to useful Teaching resources
Geoffrey Nuess' Chemistry blog
Iowa State chemistry animations
Larry Scheffler's first year page
Larry Scheffler's second year page