Colour theory

Look at this presentation about colour theory.

Make sure you understand about contrast, the colour wheel and how colours are defined in web pages.

Your web page

Download this HTML file and save it into your area.

Double click on the file and it will open in a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

This is your web page.

You need to make edits to the HTML file to make your web page look as it should.

You edit the file by opening it in a text editor, such as notepad. Open Notepad and change the file type to HTML document. Then open the web page file. When you have made the changes to it you will need to make sure the file is resaved as an HTML file.


You need to follow the instructions in the web page to create the correct colours in the correct places.

You will need to remember your Hexadecimal codes from the last project.

Your teacher is looking for a printout of the HTML code and for you to highlight the changes that you have made.