Computer Art

Computers have opened up a whole new set of art forms which were otherwise impossible to easily make.

We are going to create a Kaleidoscope image.




While there are many types of graphics software we are going to use one called The GIMP. This stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. As it is a GNU program it is free and you can download the program for use at home.

The GIMP is a very powerful piece of software and there are many tutorials available online which you will need to study when you are designing your piece of art.


You are going to create a kaleidoscope image from a satellite view from Google Earth. You should choose a location from Google Earth which means something to you.

Here is an example of this type of image focussing on Mr Hine's hometown.


You need to create several images using different levels of reflection. The one above is a 4 way reflection. The fruit one at the top of the page is a 4 way reflection.

For each image that you create you will need to explain:-
  • Why you chose this location
  • What you did to create the image
  • A review of your image - what you like and what you don't like, could you make any improvements to it.

Then choose your final image.

Learning what we need

In order to be able to learn the skills we need to create an artistic image we will need to practice.

You will need to make sure you can

The art that you create is only limited by your imagination.

Strade D'Evoluvione by Dario Carbone

This is an aerial view of parts of Rome with an artistic eye.


This website allows you to upload a jpeg image and decide how big you wish to create it and download the enlarged image in pdf format. You could then print your image in large format which can be pieced together as a poster

Mr Hine's digital photography presentation


Here are some from Adrianna made during last year. I thought they were great.