Form 1

About me project
A country quiz
Water of life
Create a timetable
The Winter Olympics
Binary and Hexadecimal
Photo aging
Colours on the web
Creating a leaflet using DTP
Traffic lights
Scientists from home
Word Processing Activity: Save Energy

Form 2

Cultural wordsearch
The band project
Water of life
Drawing shapes
Sketch up

Form 3

A sandwich bar
Internet searching
Computer art
Gardening for amateurs A word processing activity
The real Christmas An internet research question
What DVDs do I own
Make a blockbuster
Create a wikipage
Scratch task
Create a questionnaire
Produce a video
What's in a picture


MYP technology assessment criteria

Other stuff

This is an extension task for those who have finished all their work.

Programming Club

Look at this for elegant code
Create a Lunar Lander game using Scratch
Solve a maze using Scratch

Gaming Club

History of games

The nest generation of computer games (or better video games) came from companies liek Atari and where based on large machines that you would find in arcades and cafes and the like. You can play some of these online at



Happy birthday Tetris - 25 years young 6/6/09


Anyone interested in programming? Someone showed me this. A programming environment called Scratch. It looks very good - if anyone tries it, please let me know what you think. You need to download and install the system to your own computer and run it from there.

What is this web 2.0 stuff anyway?

Did you know?

UK version

Mr Hine's latest You tube video

and of course the famous Badger song