Students will:
  • Create a personalised timetable using tables in Word

Students will practice:
  • How to create a timetable
  • How to change the page layout to landscape
  • How to format a timetable
  • How to use shading


Use Word to create a timetable for yourself.


  1. In the file menu select Page layout and choose Landscape paper format and make sure the paper size is A4
  2. Type a title such as Mr Hine's Timetable. Make sure your title is centred and in bold
  3. From the table menu insert a table that has 6 columns and 9 rows.
  4. Input text into your table for days of the week and lesson number.table1.jpg
  5. Input your timetable into the boxes. You should have the lesson name, the teacher and the room included in each box.
  6. For each different subject, shade the cell so that your timetable is colour codedshading.jpg
  7. Make sure all the column widths and heights fit the data you have.
  8. Decorate your timetable with any images you think add to the design


  1. Has produced a document
  2. Document has a title
  3. Includes a table 9 by 6
  4. Labels are lesson number and days of the week.
  5. Timetable data is inserted.
  6. Cells shaded by lesson type
  7. Additional design work carried out