Today you will learn to:

  • to identify features of good design in publications.
  • annotate your design to show changes/improvements that will be made

I am looking for you to:

  • Choose a suitable design for your poster
  • Evaluate other students’ work


  • Look at this presentation
  • You need to assess how good the posters are
  • Make some notes of what you think of each poster in a document and save it into your area.
  • Your teacher might want to grade these notes

  • Your teacher will show you a demonstration of how to insert text onto a page and change the text style

  • Create a second draft for your poster showing what font styles and colour design you are going to use.

  • Your teacher will show you how to add a colour design to your poster.

  • Complete your poster

  • You will need to be able to explain why you choose the font style and colours that you have done.

  • Look at other students’ work and discuss


Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
Task 6
Task 7


Much of this information is based on Oxfam's change the world in 8 steps

The original design is from

Many thanks