Today you will learn to:

  • Type text onto your booklet
  • Choose appropriate fonts

I am looking for you to:

  • Select appropriate information for your 1st page
  • Display the information in a clear way


  • Open your file from last lesson and look at your paper draft booklet. Watch a teacher demo on how to create a title on page 1.
  • Type a title on page one and test out a variety of font styles.
  • Discuss which fonts the class have chosen. Make your final choice then write the name of the font on your draft booklet.
  • Look at these educational quotes and use at least one on your brochure


Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
Task 6
Task 7


Much of this information is based on Oxfam's change the world in 8 steps

The original design is from

Many thanks