1. Use word processing software to produce a wordsearch
  2. The content of the wordsearch is to be based on your cultural background
  3. Have experience of using tables and columns in a word processing environment
A wordsearch


  1. Produce a wordsearch at least 30 columns wide and 30 rows long
  2. Hide at least 30 words in the grid with word directions up, down, backwards, forwards and diagonally
  3. Fill the entire grid with random characters
  4. Put all the words to be found in columns
  5. The whole exercise to fit onto a single A4 sheet of paper
  6. Use an online wordsearch maker to also create your wordsearch - you will need to copy the list of words into this web page


You will be graded against these items

  1. Title - does your wordsearch have a title. Is the title formatted in a good way?
  2. Size of grid - is the grid sized correctly?
  3. Number of words - do you have at least 30 words?
  4. Are the words to be found listed at the bottom of the page? Are they formatted into columns
  5. Does the whole document fit to one page when printed.
  6. Has it been tested?