The curriculum of any particular institution is a reflection of the values of that institution. Analyse and discuss the implications of this statement with reference to one or more examples from international schools.

Schools are responsible for ensuring pupils pass exams. Examine this statement critically in the international context.

Teaching is secondary to learning. Critically consider this proposition in the context of pupils' and teachers' experience in an international school.

Developing the curriculum inevitably involves tensions and conflict. Evaluate approaches that might be used by a subject or department leader in an international school to enable curriculum development.

Curriculum stands in the way of meaningful learning. Discuss with reference to your experience in international education

What is curriculum

What is learning

Does this include school structure

Does the structure produce lifelong learners or does it produce drones

Schools have become focussed on teaching, not on learning

Ken Robinson in The Guardian
There is no curriculum of worth that does not take account of teaching and learning alongside intent and content. Evaluate this statement in relation to a particular curriculum for an international school.