Word Processing Activity: Save Energy

Students will:

· Create a bullet list and change the bullet style

  • How to do an internet search on Saving Energy
  • How to use WordArt to insert a creative heading
  • How to show creativity in selecting graphics for a document
  • How to use appropriate font colours and sizes

Background information:

Although you know that it is necessary to save energy and water, many people forget about it all the time. As a result, a lot of energy is wasted and the

environment is unnecessarily being polluted. Let us take a look at our school and our homes. Where are we wasting energy and water? What can we do to save it?


Create a sheet that lists reminders for saving energy and water.


1. Before you start working on the computers, take a look around in school and at your home and try to find out where we are wasting energy. Write this down.

2. Open Mozilla Firefox and look for information about saving energy and water. Be sure to quote your sources.

3. Then, using the information, prepare a one-page bulleted list of at least 10 major steps you can take to save energy in school and at home.

4. Using WordArt, title the document: Tips to Save Energy and Water.

5. Add appropriate clipart from the Microsoft Clipart Gallery.

6. To be creative, change your bullet style to something innovative, rather than standard circle or square bullets.

7. Space out the document properly so that the text is centred vertically on the page. Use appropriate font sizes and change the font style to something other than the default font.

Change the bullet colour to coordinate with your graphics theme. Use font colour where appropriate (don't overdo it!).

In case you finish much earlier than your classmates:
Write a letter to a classmate explaining why you should save energy and how you can do this.