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ESS syllabus This document is not yet complete, but this is a pdf extracted from the course guide
Glossary of ESS terms
Command terms
Interesting reading
Exam practice
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Scope of course
Task on global warming

Systems and models

Make a closed system


Measuring biotic and abiotic components of a system
Ecosystem Case studies
article from National Geographic on the price of Gold
article from National Geographic on the extraction of oil from tar sands in Canada
article from National Geographic on the rainforest - Thanks Eva D

Measuring population

measuring population task
Lincoln Index

Human population, carrying capacity and resource use

Population dynamics

population dynamics
Hans Rosling's talk on TED about population growth
Hans Rosling's talk on TED about The truth about HIV


Lag phase, Exponential phase, Stationary phase and Death phase in an article on bacterial growth

Crude birth rate
Crude death rate
Fertility rate
Natural increase rate

Global Warming

IPCC reports


Norman Borlaug (1914-2009)
Look at this wikis on the topic of sustainable development

Here is the pdf of the DSM brochure on climate change that Eva showed us

Eva sent me this and it reminded me of a presentation called Shift Happens or Did you know? So I have included that as well.

How many airplanes travel in a day?