Useful literature


Forces and motion
Thermal Physics


Learning the equations for physics is really important. Many marks are available on the exam from calculation questions.

You can use this worksheet to help you remember all the equations that you need.


Here are some past paper questions on the following topics

forces and motion, answers
Energy, work and power, answers
Particle theory and Thermal Physics, answers
Waves, answers
Electrical circuits, answers
Electromagnetism, answers
Radioactivity, answers

These are revision guides I have collected, mainly through the TES website.


There are some great science books around. The daddy of them all is perhaps Philiophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica or The Principia. Project Gutenburg has several formats here

Graph paper

As we know all graphs in Physics should be drawn on paper. But what if you don't have any? This link will take you to sites that you can design and download your own!


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