Make a blockbuster

Your job in this project is to make a movie!!!


  • The film must last 60 seconds or less
  • The film must be a remake of a real film

The idea for this project comes from Empire Magazines competition Done in 60 secs.


  • Remember it will take a lot of planning to prepare for this task - you will not be able to just start. Use the design cycle to help you with this. You will need to hand in your plan as part of this project.
  • We will be using Windows Movie Maker for this project (you are welcome to use other software if you have it on your own computers)
  • If you need the original movie or sections of it, you will need to bring it in in a form we can use. You can also film sections, i have a camera you can use.
  • Think about the task - it is hard to tell a 2 hour story in 60 seconds, so will need to think about your audience - if they know the story already it will be easier for them to follow - so choose something well known.

Some examples

These are from the Done in 60 secs competition