This project has two tasks
  1. Produce a guided tour of our school, using yourselves as sprites and pictures that you take of the school as the scenes. Your sprites need to use sound as well as text speech bubbles. This is to act as an exercise to learn how to use Scratch.
  2. Your second task is to create a game. This game can be any type you want, but needs to keep a user interested in it as well as providing a full set of instructions on how to play it. You will need to use the MYP system of the Design cycle to complete this project.one of MrH's favourites


You will want to see how this project will be assessed. This information is available here

Useful information

Scratch is a graphical programming environment. Here is some information about it

You will needs to teach yourself how to use the language. There is a sequence of videos here which will help you start. Then you might want to look here and here for some more advanced techniques

Some of my favourite stuff to give you ideas