Wikipedia entry on An Inconvenient Truth, An Inconvenient Truth official website, Wikipedia article on The 11th Hour


Your job is to write an essay after watching the two films An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour.
The title of your essay is Are we creating Armageddon? Is it too late

You should concentrate on writing about:

  • What is happening now.
    • Make sure you quote any references you use. For example if you want to say the Earth is warming, quote some proof.
  • Can / should we stop it?
    • Who says these actions will have any effect?
  • What you think you will need to study in greater depth to understand the topic of Climate Change further.
    • What don't you know? What should we cover in the course.
  • Can you make recommendations that you think people will follow to stop us reaching Armageddon?
    • What actions can be sold to the public to try to make changes.
    • What will you do to effect this change?

How do we change peoples perception? This item from The Blue Man Group is one idea.

Boxykins has found another idea.